Hello, I'm I'm a creative problem solver
& WordPress specialist.

I’m here to help you leverage tech so that you can automate more, save time and scale your impact.


Grow your

I use WordPress to build a custom digital presence that scales. Whether you’re just shifting your business to sell your products or services online, or looking to scale with a new course or membership offer, I can help you pandemic-proof your business. 


tools, strategies & time saving hacks.

I’m passionate about investigating strategies and tech tools that help entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses. I want to share what I learn with you to help you make a bigger impact without burning out.

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Some of my


About me

Hey, I’m Tamara! I’m a Sociology grad turned website designer and digital marketer. I believe that businesses should be used as a tool for social change.
My goal is to help small business owners and non-profit leaders close the gap between the important, mission-driven work they do and the awareness that the outside world has of their work.  
Using WordPress, engaging design, and automated systems, I’m here to help you create a thriving, digital business that doesn’t burn you out. 
So you can focus on connecting with your community and making a positive impact in the world.

Want to know more?

Here are a few fun facts about me:
1) One of my biggest passions is the charity GEARS. I’ve been a volunteer for over 5 years, and on the board of directors for 3 years.
2) My Myer’s Briggs type is INTJ (The Architect)
3) I have a black rescue cat named Kitty who loves playing fetch, going on hikes, and crashing all of my Zoom meetings.


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